The international business network and experience made by Pethask A.Ş. since early 1990’s; has provided to FARMAVET the suitable conditions to do not only import but also export its products to overseas countries with the beginning of 2000’s. 
With the foundation of Farmavet Scientific Research Group in early 2000, FARMAVET has gained a universal point of view thanks to Turkish and international academics who took part of the researches. 
In the mean time, those investments and developments on R&D, has affected positively FARMAVET business success as well.  By having a legitimate pride of its innovations and products which took place in scientific literatures; FARMAVET has entered to European, Middle Eastern, Southern Asian, Far Eastern, African and Oceanian markets.  

FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL exports its products to those countries: 
Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, Pakistan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Hungary, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Jordon, New Zealand. 
On its scientific researches, there are some esteemed academics from U.S.A, China, Spain, England, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Egypt, Russia and Turkey. Beside the trials, those countries can supply best quality raw materials for FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL.  
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