‘’Vitamin, mineral and amino-acid complex for colts’’

Colts are not able to utilize efficiently essential amino-acid,vitamins and minerals through feed. That helps to structure to strong body from newborn colts to 2 years old when they become a racehorse by utilize them from essential amino-acid, minerals and vitamins.


VITAMIN A                          2.000.000 IU/Kg
VITAMIN D3                      150.000 IU/Kg
VITAMIN E                         35.000 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN K3                       125 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN B1                       1.000 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN B2                       750 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN B6                       500 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN B12                     10 Mg/Kg
VITAMIN C                         35.000 Mg/Kg
NIACIN                               10.000 Mg/Kg
CHOLINE                           20.000 Mg/Kg
PANTOTHENİC                3.000 Mg/Kg
FOLIC ACID                      1.000 Mg/Kg
LYSINE                              150.000 Mg/Kg
MANGANESE                   10.000 Mg/Kg
IRON                                  12.500 Mg/Kg
ZINC                                   10.000 Mg/Kg
COPPER                           2.500 Mg/Kg
COBALT                            25 Mg/Kg
IODINE                              25 Mg/Kg
SELENIUM                       50 Mg/Kg
MAGNESIUM                    50.000 Mg/Kg
PHOSHORUS                 3.000 Mg/Kg
CALCIUM                         4.000 Mg/Kg

8 Kg per ton of feed. Daily dosage 20 gr between the period three 3 months old weaning, 40 gr after weaning until 1 years old, after 1 years old also 40 gr through adding feed.

PACKAGE TYPE: 2.5 kg plastic drums
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