EQUIFRESH is a combination of organic acids and essential oils.It supports respiratory system for easy and fresh breath. İn order to be successful in racing.

Essential Herbal Oils:

Mentha piperita
Rosmarinus officinalis
Juniperus communis
Thymus sp.
Oregano vulgare
Organic Acids:
Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Formic acid.


-EquiFresh supports respiratory system and provide easy effects
-Clean respiratory system and provide easy breath
-Enlarge lung capacity and increase oxygen intake
-Support mucosal protection on respiratory system
-Avoid mechanical respiratory problems
-Active ingredients of equiFresh has also anti-bacterial effects
-Expectorant and mucolitic

EquiFresh is added to drinking water. Daily dosage per horse is 20 – 40 ml/day. If there is several respiratory problems, dosage can be increased up to 30% of daily dosage till symptoms disappear. 3 hours before racing or training 10 ml of EquiFresh can be used directly insert into the mouth.

Available in 250-500 and
1000 ml plastic bottles.

Store in original package in dry places between +15 C and +25 C, avoid from direct sunlight.
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