"It is an additive substance which regulates fertility and cell functions"


Vitamin, Selenite and L-Carnite supporter. Vitamin-E is a biologic anti-oxidant. Regulates breeding and cell functions, makes the immune system stronger, and delays cell aging. There is a synergistic affect of selenite and vitamin E. They have a stimulant affects tissues and organs on all body ; and preservative affects on detrimental factor. ESELEN is ideal to heal the muscles problems, poisoning and inanition. Strengthen weak muscles in colts, develop skeletal muscles, ideal for healing of painful and damaged muscles. Effective for poisoning, deficiency disease, convalescence, normal growth period in the womb, growth abnormalities of colts, increasing physicalpowers in sport and work horses. Carnitine plays an important role in fat metabolism and helps the body metabolize fat well.


VITAMIN E      35.000 Mg/Kg
SELENIUM    50 Mg/Kg
CARNITINE   3.500 Mg/Kg

10 Kg per ton of feed. Daily dosage per horse is 50 gr through the feed way.

1 and 2.5 kg plastic drums.
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