As you know, Turkey is a country of particularly thyme,oreganum,bay,rosemary,mint and also so many plants naturally are cultivated and grown. For instance,As much as we have rich natural oregano resources,The thyme cultivation has been spreaded increasingly in our country. Although these plants are high amount potentially, They are not contributed to Turkey economy sufficiently.   
Farmavet International, celebrates 20th anniversary, adds a new one to innovations it brings each year.
Farmavet International will fulfil a production from plant to final product by producing essential -fixed oils and using extraction,distilation and cold pressing methods with second factory which will have the last modern system at the end of 2012. It will offer quality and healthy products.
As all we know, The plants are used for feeding, recovery supporter and direct recovery. The point is “these herbal products and their effect sides are measurable and explainable.”
So many products have been sold by being claimed some particular effects and benefits for them in the sector,but, what’s the plant exactly,is it plant’s own , is it its root,leaf,blume,fruit,is it used by being grinded,Or,is it acquired active substance from different sides of plant or they want to utilize of active substance in oils by being extracted oils of these plants? These issues are not mentioned. The active substance amount and type are changing according to plant’s harvest period. Farmavet has been always  producing in same Standard by indicating all herbal product’s quality according to active substance rates.

The product ingredients have been determined by being designated the neccessary amount of indicated active substance in  target animal. Besides testing analysis in our laboratory, We have been working with  some scientists and universities which are proven their own specialities in this field,Turkey.Also, We are carrying on working with a lot of scientists and universities that have the researches in this field, all around the world.

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