Farmavet International’s Foreign Trade Coordinator Deniz Petekkaya and Foreign Trade Responsible Serkan Duman were in Algeria for SIPSA Exhibition 2017. Farmavet team was in Algeria for a week full of meetings, visits and exhibition.

«We are looking forward to be your business partner for the Algerian market.» A visitor from Alger.

«We import equipment from Turkey since late 90’s. So we know the technology»

FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL continued its international activities by visiting at SIPSA ALGERIA in between 10-13 OCTOBER 2017 in Alger, Algeria. There were many visitors from domestic market as well as other countries at Exhibiton..

Though there was a few halls full of companies about machinary and equipment, only one hall has been dedicated to feed additives and supplements section of the industry. «We had a very succesful and fruitful exhibiton at SIPSA ALGERIA 2017. We had meeting from overseas. We met new Professionals from the industry from Eastern Europe and the Middle east.» – Mr. Deniz Petekkaya, Foreign Trade Coordinator.

We are working to get your partnership in Algeria, so you can send us unprocessed goods and here we could process them.
We would like to bring Farmavet products to Canada.

We had a great and fruitful time in Alger. For more info keep following us to see our  next events.

«Algerian farmers would like to lower down the use of antibiotics in feed so we are looking forward for natural products. Farmavet can help us in this regard.»

«The Algerian agriculture authorities put many rules regarding the registration of imported products. But Turkey has a huge positive impact in the industry. We are very excited for the future. We know how international companies from Turkey, like Farmavet would bring us better solutions in better prices than current or past suppliers, so we are happy to work with Farmavet.» – Algerian business owner.