TOXIFARM DRY is a dry used elimination and inactivation of physical activities of mycotoxins by chemical route. Ammonia breaks down mycotoxin activity by binding to lacton ring.


TOXIFARM DRY is not only mycotoxin binder.It is a mycotoxin detoxifier agent which is used in the animal feed and raw material to destroy the mycotoxin of the molds in the animal feeds and raw materials. It has also pellet binder effect for obtaining the best quality pellet in the pellet feeds.


Special salts of ammonium and, HSCAS as carrier


TOXIFARM DRY can be blended with contaminated animal feeds ingredients before the feeds production or during the manufacturing process. The doses can be observed in two criteria functions. These are the prevention dose and elimination dose.
Prevention Doses:                                   

0,5 Kg. – 1 Kg / t. feed

Elimination Doses : 
1 - 1,5 Kg. - 2 Kg / ton feed

PACKAGE : 5-25Kg

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