The systematic production of broilers and laying hens began almost at 1962 in Pakistan . Depending on the production increase more than 2 million people earn there livelihood directly or indirectly in that sector, today. With a volume of 750  billion rupee and 15000 Poultry farms is Poultry Farming once of the important sectors in Pakistan. The Capacity of Broiler farms changes from 5.000 to 500.000 and meet 40 % of the meat requirment.

The yearly egg production reach to 18 million  and the meat production reach to 2,2 million tons chicken meat. The yearly white meat consumption ratio is 7 Kg and 2 % of GNP is be provided from Poultry Sector. Dairy Farms prefere local Buffalos because of there milk production capacity (10-15 L) and milk fat content (7-8 %).

As FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL we had a fabulous and efficient week in Pakistan. Our first station was IPEX (International Poultry  Expo 2016) in LAHORE. IPEX is the largest and one and only Poultry Expo in Pakistan, which repeats yearly under the coordination of PPA (Pakistan Poultry Association) where we receive Guest with our Pakistan FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL Distributor and Partner.

We met old friends who already use FARMAVET products over the years and we met new friends who are excited and happy to start working with us. Meetings with veterinary consultants about our new and special products was also a nice experience for us.

Our second station was KARACHI, where we met farmers and consultants who are active in Cattle farming. We gave a seminar about our new Ruminant products after the dinner with over 40 persons. We also met students and show them the importance of agriculture and livestock in the future and visited decision makers, formulation managers, and owners of the biggest feed factories in KARACHI.

Some of our efficient meetings were, 1. with farmers who are very felicitous about the yield enhancing effects of our herbal products in poultry; 2. with different drug brand and feed additives distributors, in the PUNJAP area. It was nice for us to see that our Pakistani friends really interested in to learn the farming strategies and innovative products from Turkey.

We recognize Pakistan as a really breathtaking, hospitable and friendly country with extraordinary food culture included spices which are not found in any other countries. The peoples are really warm and helpful.  Almost all people know english and visit other countries to follow World trends, that is one of the most important reasons why there are integrated on the business world.

Pakistan takes important steps in education and infrastructure, trade and production, forge closer ties and make agreements with Turkey and China. Pharmaceutical production facilities are quite common. We as FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL will maintain our presence and increase support of Farming in Pakistan.