Nesilden nesile

Our values ​​are based on 7 foundations:

To be focused on high quality, Reliability, Innovation, Customer Orientation, Respect to Environment, Valuing People, Believing in Science.

Our responsibility is not to compromise scientific facts.

Farmavet International not only supplies the products it produces to feed factories, processed meat production plants, animal breeders and veterinary clinics all over the world, but also as a duty to inform its consumers of current developments as the nearest follower of science. It preserves this tradition for almost 36 years, which is produced by nature-friendly methods for producing the highest quality feed and water additives for all kinds of commercial animals.

The fact that it is an important link in the Science – Health – Value chain with the high quality products it produces motivates Farmavet International. Being a leading feed and water additives company in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and Oceania is one of the main targets of the company.

Therefore; Farmavet International has organized national and international seminars and symposiums since the mid-1990s.