Against the Heat Stress of cattle specially in hot climates

Reinforce the product should be used against heat stress in dairy cattle. Especially, for high

efficient dairy cows and in the early preiods of lactation; Enserin Powder is used by adding

feed, helps to protect against heat stress.


Dairy cattle, and particularly the high yielding cows gets heat stress with the increase of air temperature and humidity. Even if the air temperature is over 24 C0 rates, high humidity can create heat stress. Getting the heat stress occurs in animals with subclinical acidosis. Feed consumption and consequently a decrease in milk yield is increased risk occurs with subclinical ketosis. Herd of foot diseases are widespread. Early embryonic deaths occurs, with a reduction in the rate of hidden anger and offspring retention is a serious loss of fertility.


When needed,add to feed 150gr per animal / per day. Enserin Powder  150gr per animail in crowded groups, with the aim to facilitate homogenization of a filler material such as bran can be added with the amplified total mixed ration. The application should be started just before the beginning of summer on which the air temperature begins to rise and should continue until the air temperature is getting down.

PACKAGE : 150gr , 1500 gr and 7500 gr plastic drum or bags

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