DURAFARM is a synergistic combination of Humic, Fulvic, Ulmik, acids.


DURAFARMis a well regulator for pets & ruminants digestive system problems, in cases of diarrhea due to food indigestions. The effect of benefit increases as well as the animals feed, grow and develop, contribute that makes the animals resistant to diseases and metabolic effects of Biostimulant and effective in the prevention of diarrhea in young animals in particular.

1- Biofilm effect : It makes biofilm coverage in the intestinal system.
2- Para-immunological effect : It has founded that Durafarm has positive effect on hemato logical parameters.
3- Anti-resorbtive and adsorbtive effect
4- Antiphlogistic and Astringent effect
5- Anti-bacterial effect on caecum colifarm
6-Supportive effects on viral immunity

According to the researches on calves;

- Decreased the morbidity rate and, prevented the diarrhea.
- Has showed a positive effect on the daily liveweight gain of animals.
- Durafarm prevents diarrhea,stress in the transaction period of infant feed to diet.

Per animal / daily 50cc by mixed with milk or water 

PACKAGE : 0,5 - 1 lt
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