Turkey, is one of the leading broiler and layer producers in the World. Working hard to supply quality chicken meat and eggs to many countries, the industry has developed within last 20 years. While the integrated meat companies, breeders and farmers are looking for solutions to lower down the cost of production at the same time to keep the quality high, the quality feed and water additives are getting more and more important for the industy. As Farmavet International, we are proud of being a part of this industry and supporting nutrition quality in the World.

FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL continued its international activities by exhibiting at VIV TURKEY in between 6-8 July 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. There were many visitors from domestic market as well as other countries at Farmavet’s booth.

«We had a very succesful and fruitful exhibiton at VIV TURKEY 2017. We had many visitors from overseas. We met new Professionals from the industry from Easter Europe and the Middle east.» – Mr. Deniz Petekkaya, Foreign Trade Coordinator

«We have been working with Farmavet for a few years. The quality of products and services of Farmavet is high enough for us to beat the competitors in the market.» A distributor from Sudan

FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL has organised GALA dinner in the second day of exibiton. This year, GALA DINNER is dedicated in honour of Expert veterinarian Mr. Güney GOKCELIK who has established the first and only private laboratory of Turkey.