«Germany is the largest economy in the EU and one of the largest and most influential markets globally. Livestock in Germany contributes to about 60% of the revenue in agriculture. Dairy industry is rapidly expanding with increased consumption. Other drivers include rise in the consumer spending levels, demand for highly nutritional quality animal produce.

Growth and demand in untapped, potential foreign markets have propelled the production and exports. With many leading companies based out of the country, Germany is also largely involved in the innovations and product line expansions in the industry. Amino Acids account for the largest share, whereas prebiotics and Probiotics show the highest growth rates, in accordance with global trends.»


Farmavet International was in Hannover for exhibiting at EUROTIER 2018 GERMANY.  Participation to the exhibition was a big success for Farmavet in many aspects. Beside having meetings with existing business partners and distributors from other countries. Farmavet had successful meetings with many companies. Since 2012 Farmavet International exhibits in Germany.

FARMAGULATOR XP, GARLIVIT LIQUID, AQUA 7 FORCE, FARMAZYME Feed Enzymes, FARMASACC, DURAFARM and Water Soluble Powder Vitamin-Minerals were the most important topics of the discussions.

Farmavet invited his special guests for a dinner at a Turkish Restaurant.  Guests from 7 different countries were at the FARMAVET DINNER. It was  a good opportunity for industry networking.