The first step in the livestock sector was Pethask A.Ş. Animal Health Services Veterinary Instruments and Equipment by Farmavet International’s R & D Production Facilities in the Salihli Organized Industrial Zone inaugurated with a ceremony. Ercan Petekkaya,his uncle’s son Erkan Petekkaya, who played Ali Captain in the series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki”, Farmavet İnternational, where he served as Chairman of the Board, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister Kutbettin Arzu, AK Party Manisa Member of Parliament Muzaffer Yurttaş, Manisa Governor Abdurrahman Savaş, Salihli District Governor Ertan Peynircioğlu, businessmen and guests attended.

Deputy Minister of Desire, “Turkey came from 230 billion dollars in non-national revenue oto $ 780 billion, from 36 billion dollars exports to $ 150 billion today. We have become the 7th largest economy in the world’s 11th economy in agriculture, thanks to the support we have provided for agriculture, by the works of our producers, agro-based industrialists. In 2002, we brought $ 23 billion of agricultural output to our producers and industrialists for $ 63 billion. We became Europe’s first economy in terms of agricultural output. Again, 4 billion dollars of agricultural exports came to $ 16 billion. In the year 2023, we aim to export 500 billion dollars, agricultural sector 150 billion dollars in gross national product and 50 billion dollars in order to reach our valuable entrepreneurs need support, “he said. Farmavet Inernational

Chairman Ercan Petekkaya, “30 years to be able to do a sustainable job requires certain merits. One of my most important philosophies to imagine. Imagination but we have to be dreamer. This is a difficult craft,” he said.