Research and development
in the light of the science

Farmavet International, which has a team that believes that the value layer passes through its production, presents its products to the market as a result of R & D studies such as laboratory and / or field trials of the Farmavet Scientific Working Group.

Farmavet International is both proud of being a research and development company and sharing the added value with consumers; the feeling of trust and power of being able to stand behind their products scientifically.

A FARMAVET product reaches the user in 5 steps from the R & D stage:

  • Determining a current problem or missing point in the sector
  • Development of new formulas by the Farmavet Scientific Working Group
  • The discussion of how sector representatives are useful in the production of this new product
  • Ensuring that products produced with new formulas are tested in universities
  • submission of new products to the sector by the Farmavet International marketing team