Farmavet International made a long tour in China this year. First, the Foreign Trade Department visited 2 cities in North East China around Beijing. Later, the company exhibited at VIV CHINA  Exhibition as like previous years. Dr. Ercan PETEKKAYA, CEO of FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL also attended the Show. and Foreign Trade team have met visitors of VIV CHINA 2016 to establish new business relationships.

This year in VIV China the numbers of visitors were much more than the  Previous years.

Former President of World Poultry Science Association visisted our booth during the Expo.

China has the world’s second largest economy. Gross domestic product in the last ten years have shown a steady increase every year. Largest technology brands built production institutions in China as Apple, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover…etc. Also many Chinese brand has acquired an important place in the world market.

For example; Volvo with the top-grade brand value, online trading portal Alibaba, Lenovo which has Thinkpads of IBM and Huawei. Additionally, we should not forget brands which are used instead of the giant brands as Baidu instead of Google, Youkoo for Youtube, Didi for Uber and WeChat for Facebook.

We are keeping the best quality facilities in our supply chains, as well as we provide  to farmers our end products by doing  activities for them to use effectively. Our goal is to deliver natural products that we have developed, to the world’s farmers and breeders. Our purpose is to enable them to get both technical and financial benefits. That is why China is very important to us. In addition, culturally and historically we have good ties with China.

We are also happy to have different agreements with China which is one of the biggest market of the World. We are happy to support our partner and we are planning to make more local events in China in 2017.

Also after VIV CHINA 2016, we visited our business partners who distributes Farmavet International products in China as well as producers of raw materials.

We observed enzymes until they replicated from scratch which derived from bacterial and fungal sources by a pilot production in the World’s most advanced probiotic enzymes manufacturing plant which was awarded by the Chinese government and which was among  the top 10 biotechnology companies by scientific committees.

The special raw materials for Farmavet International were produced by using knowladge and labor of hundreds of people, several PhD’s and it creates an opportunity for us to produce the raw materials of Farmazyme which is the best feed enzymes formulations.

In order to measure performance, We observed machine trials that creates the gastrointestinal environment of a poultry and ruminant in the R&D center.

In this context, we present special feed enzymes formulations all around the World with Farmazyme. We are greatful for all our partners who prefer our feed enzymes. We hope to meet again in different events, you can continue to stay tuned and follow us.

«Farmavet International produces its special single enzymes in the state-of-art facilities in abroad and we do manufacture the end products in our R&D campus in Salihli. So we have scientific agrements with our factories abroad in the supply chain of FARMAZYMEs.

As like Apple develops the iPhone products in USA and produce it in China, we do the same thing for our special enzymes and we are proud to work with the best manufacturing sites in the World.» – Deniz Petekkaya, FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL