Kalite, Denetim, Güvence

As FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL, we adopt the basic aim of meeting the rapidly developing and changing expectations of our customers in the production of feed materials, feed additives and feed premixes with our high product quality in a complete and timely manner in our system based on continuous improvement and development.

To achieve this aim;

  • To provide customer satisfaction by providing the requested quality products and services with an appropriate price policy,
  • To ensure that all of our products comply with national and international quality standards and have a definite quality advantage in their market segment,
  • Doing the work we do at once and correctly,
  • Making healthy relationships with supplier,
  • Provide continuous improvement and development through trainings and suggestion activities,
  • To achieve the highest value by following new technologies in capacity utilization and efficiency,
  • Using our resources in place to produce respectful to the environment and human health, our Quality Policy.

Our company has adopted a total quality management system that will cover all its activities in line with the stated purposes, based on national and international quality standard like ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System and ISO 10002: 2014 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System have quality certificates.

In addition, our production facility has the GMP + (Good Manufacturing Practices Feed Safety Assurance) Good Manufacturing Practices Feed Safety quality certificate, which ensures that all of our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality and hygiene standards, and the complete product traceability and reliability is ensured in the process from raw material supply to the final seller.