Since 1983,
for animal nutrition and health

The team who founded Pethask Tarım Hayvancılık A.Ş. in 1983, choose to focus on animal nutrition and health products in 9 years and established FARMAVET İLAÇ SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş. in 1992.

Collaborating with many international companies between 1992 and 1995, FARMAVET specializes in feed additives and water additives, preferring to focus on a more specific product range than a wide range of products.

Apart from FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL’s full-time employees, there are many colleagues from the agriculture and livestock sector. This large team includes scientists from domestic and foreign universities , growers, industrialists and non-governmental organizations.

FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL started to offer its products with domestic and foreign markets by formulating ruminant , monogastric (poultry, pork) in its own field in the late of 1990s.

Since 2000s, Farmavet International has been sponsoring the sectoral activities of many national and international non-governmental organizations and has been expanding its market every year by participating in many domestic and international exhibitions.

Every year, FARMAVET organizes an international animal feed and health symposium called FHABESAS. Global Farming publishes the sectoral bulletin both to domestic and foreign sector stakeholders.

As of 2012, FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL continues its works with 2 production plants and 1 R&D company.

FARMAVET, which has developed its international business relations in a short time, now offers its own feed additives in 30 countries under the name of Farmavet International. Usage areas of the products are cattle, poultry, pigs, horses, fish and aquaculture, pet animals and bee breeding.


As Farmavet International, we know the importance of the role we play in animal nutrition wherever we are in the world. We contribute to the feeding of animals with the most effective and correct content, knowing that our success will contribute to the health of animals, the protection of the natural environment and human health.